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Change in Registered Office in Jaipur


A registered office (RO) is the official address of the company recorded with the Registrar of Companies (RoC), India, where all government or legal communications are sent. The Companies Act, 2013, requires companies to paint or affix its name, as well as the address of its RO outside its every office, or division where the business is carried out. India’s Companies Amendment Act of 2017 mandates businesses to have an official RO from the date of commencement of operations or within 30 days of its incorporation, whichever is earlier. As per the law, each company can have multiple trading addresses where it conducts its business, but only one RO. At times, a company may decide to change its RO from one state to another state in India, to seek more growth in terms of resources, public demand, government policies, or better management. By law, the procedures and formalities for relocating the RO vary depending on whether the company is shifting its address within the same city; from one city to another within the same state; or moving from one state to another state.

Procedure for Private Limited Registered Office Change


  1. Board Resolution
  2. Check Company Name Availability
  3. Pass Special Resolution for Registered Office Change
  4. Application for approval of Registered Office Change
  5. Issuance of New Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Make Changes to MOA and AOA



Document Required for Compnay Name Change:


  1. Icorporation Certificate
  2. Rent Agrrement and Electricity Bill
  3. Authorised Director DSC
  4. Board Resolution



Registered Office Change takes around 10-15 waorking days.

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