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Solution Statement version 1.0: - Business University as a Solution Master for finding CA, Advocates, DoctorsBooking,
Software Development, Engineering Services, Construction, Energy, Online Shopping, Buy & Sell, Like Property,
Machines, Care, and More, [ Integration, Intelligence, Infrastructure]

10 Principles of Zumosun Soft I-Cube Economy [Integration, Intelligence, and Infrastructure] through us provide a solution of the U-cube Economy 


Image: - Zumosun Soft Group solution statement version 1.0

1. Maximize the degree of Integrity Economy by providing more than 350 services [Annexure attached] at a single platform (http://www.zumosun.com) through AI, ML, SaaS, PaaS cloud computing, and emerging technology

2. Maximize to contribution to build consistently excellent infrastructure development through our resources and leadership

3. Maximize the real-time economy to optimize or provide extra time the products and services to minimize the U-cube economy

4. Maximize the degree of efficiency of I-cube [Incorporation, Integration, and Intelligence] economy though our centralized platforms, like www.thelegalbank.com on single platforms

5. Maximize the degree of Invention, Innovation, research, and Technology for IPR [Patent, trademark, copyright, Design, GI] economy, through our IPR programs.

6. Maximize the degree of knowledge, intelligence, skills, training, and mentorship through our intuition & progressive approach to reduce the U-cube economy

7. Maximize the degree of Frameworks [set of rules, regulation, principles, and law’s], validations, and standardization to minimize the U-cube economy 

8. Develop the Knowledge & Intelligence economy [Through building an excellent group of Scientist, engineers, and professional’s] for advanced problem solution 

9. Build the factual criticism and factual solution [FCFS] fair and true economy for a collective solution

10. Maximize the infrastructure for global presence through organization services and mechanisms

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