Research & Invention (R&I) Industry types & Market trend

Research & Invention (R&I) Industry types & Market trend

Research & Invention (R&I) is the universal process for Invention and modernisation of every sector, industrial goods and services. Zumosun Soft Invented the first time the new idea and the term of  Research & Innovation  (R&I) industry, Research & Invention Industry, Research & Manufacturing (R&M) Industry, Research & Development (R&D) Industry, Research & Practice (R&P) Industry. R&I work for every person, segment, sector, business, company, government and industry professional, and organised excellent development & growth. Research & Invention is the highest demand in every industry and government.

Why is Research Innovation Industry in most demanded 

Research & Innovation is an inbuilt demand for every performance for the excellency and optimisation of every work, good and services in any sector and industry. Every nation's GDP and growth absolutely depend on research & Invention, and it’s auxiliary industries. The quality of life of every person can be boosted with the integration of Research & Invention in their life.

Types of Research & Invention Industry

Majorly Research & Invention Industry divided into three parts:-

1.Principal Industry ( Research & Invention )

2.Secondary Industry 

2.1 Research & Innovation (R&U)

2.2 Research & Manufacturing (R&M)

2.3 Research & Development (R&D)

2.4 Research & Practicing (R&P)

2.5 Research & Technology (R&T)

2.6 Research & Engineering (R&E)

2.7 Research & Science (R&S)

2.8 Research & Marketing (R&Ma)

2.9 Research & Sales (R&S)

2.10 Research &  Resources (R&R)

3.Tertiary Industry 

3.1 Agriculture and Allied  Industries

3.2 Automobiles

3.3 Auto Component

3.4 Aviation

3.5 Banking

3.6 Biotechnology

3.7 Cement

3.8 Chemicals

3.9 Consumer Durable

3.10 Defence Manufacturing

3.11 E-Commerce

3.12 Education Training

3.13 Electronic System Design & Manufacturing

3.14 Engineering and capital goods

3.15 Financial services

3.16 FMCG

3.17 Gems & Jewellery

3.18 Healthcare

3.19 Infrastructure

3.20 Insurance

3.21 IT & BPM

3.22 Manufacturing

3.23 Media & Entertainment

3.24 Medical Devices

3.25 Metals & Mining

3.26 MSME

3.27 Oil & Gas

3.28 Pharmaceuticals 

3.29 Ports

3.30 Power

3.31 Railways

3.32 Real Estate

3.33 Renewable Energy

3.34 Retails 

3.35 Roads

3.36 Science and Technology

3.37 Services

3.38 Steel

3.39 Telecommunication

3.40 Textiles

3.41 Tourism & Hospitality

We are integrated into the secondary and tertiary industries goods and services in the primary industry Research & Invention (R&I). Zumosun Invented the industry of Research & Invention (R&I) which is highly concentrated on the excellency of every secondary and tertiary industry.

Bottom Line:- 

We invite all the researchers, scientists, engineers, Chartered accountants, lawyer & Advocates, Company Secretary, technologies, economists, professionals, companies, businesses, industries, academia, institution, innovators, inventors, governments for economic revolution in our integration doctrine for a new industry of Research & Invention (R&I) and it’s auxiliary industries excellent growth and developments. You can visit us at https// or contact on 9116098980/9119112929

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