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The doctrine of Integration & Intelligence of humanity & Universe


The Interpreted  Law & Principle of GOD

The Doctrine  of Birth of Universe & Nature

The Doctrine of Death of Universe and Humanity

Philosopher/Researcher Author- Prakash Chand Sharma 

Dated:- 18.07.2019

Note:- These are some points from my doctrine principles to make a quantum relation between our every stakeholder. I personally found that values and principles should be clear between every stakeholder for the long term relationship.

Special Remarks for every line and word of my doctrine

1.No one can achieve the equality of God, anyone can achieve the nearest to God through salvation in the form of a Commentator, son or servant.

2. The final authenticity, accuracy, and Jurisdiction of any matter are only, and only God (creator).

3. Due to arrogance and unawareness, the human mind & soul is corrupted in many actions. He does not accept the real truth of God and that’s why he traps in the rebirth and death reversible cycle.

4. Creator give struggle and pain to know the creator by human  and give happiness and success to do the excellent for the universe as a commentator of the creator


1. GOD:- The summation and integration of the highest degree of truthness of the control of space, real sounds, time, energy, and light are the only Immortal God or creator. God can feel & seen by following the doctrine of truth and honesty of deed. This is the universal doctrine of God.

2. The doctrine of Integration of humanity:- The real human, nature, and universe  make  by real God for the purpose of cycling of the soul to achieving salvation through the holistic & truthful iteration of work 

3.The doctrine of Intelligence:- The Codification of real intelligence and  Commentator of God/Almighty that is the creator of the universe, nature, and human.

4.GODUS:- Emblem

    God- Creator

U- Universe, Nature, Human

S- Soul- The solid crystal of       centroid of energies

GODUS:- US GOD- Our GOD not me or you

GODUS:-The highest degree of summation of all humans, nature, the universe  from zero to infinity without any type of discrimination and inequality.

5. Doctrine:- Suite of Principle by god in terms of social structure, politics, jurisdictional, economical, Science, universe, nature, human, art, sports, etc..

6. Intelligence:- The degree of conscience of humans to listen to the real sound of God and real interpretation of sound between God and Commentator.

7. Codification:- The chronological sound of doctrine by  GOD and the chronological written doctrine and principle by Commentator from different scripture and direct communication by god through sound listening and interpretation of sound. 

8. Commentator or Servant of God:- A universe, nature, and person who was capable, who is capable and who will be capable; to listen to the holistic real sound of god instruction and interpret them into the nearest degree of God's real sound. Those are following this doctrine they are called the commentator and everyone is commentator if follow the real sound of God. It means everyone can be a commentator if we follow on the real God's path

9.Universe:- The integration from zero to infinity of everything that exists in the cosmos, including time and space itself.

10.Nature:-  The integration from zero to infinity of everything that exists in the physical phenomena in the world, universe or nature  excluding space and time

1.The doctrine of Integration & Intelligence of humanity-GODUS

1. According to Godus, human protection and development are the first priority. In terms of ethics  of 360-degree balancing of the universe, nature, and person (Physically, Mentally, Socially, economically, financially, etc..)

  1. According to Godus, there shall be no difference between religion, cults, sects, society, creeds, deeds, and any orthodox process, which creates inequality in the universe, nature, and human being conscience. Although practicing excellent attitude, values, etiquette, code of conduct shall be applied to make the highest level quality of human beings.

  2. According to Godus, every human being shall grow with supremacy doctrine of intelligence on the universe, and nature. The society shall acknowledge it from the first seconds or prior period of the birth of human children.

  3. According to Godus, there shall be a substantial (Strong) mechanism for the supreme universe, nature, and human being for jurisdiction for every level of justice without partiality and intentionally zero seconds delay.

  4. According to Godus, any type of devil, anti- the universe, anti-god, the anti-social element shall be identified in real-time and the trial, investigation & punishment system shall be also real-time. Technology shall be utilized to identify mal-activity of the person on the spot.

  5. According to Godus, the Doctrine of balancing the universe, nature and human beings shall be followed in real-time at every movement without any false/false issues.

  6. According to Godus, Salvation is a “Doctrine of Iteration of process”; it will count SPACE, TIME, ENERGY, SOUND, and VACUUM to complete salvation reversible rebirth, and the death cycle of human beings.

  7. According to Godus, the Creator “Death of doctrine” applies in real-time to every sin done by human beings.

  8. According to Godus, supreme salvation, attitude, ethics, and codification shall be developed by national leaders, commentators of god.

  9. According to Godus, Whenever “Doctrine of unbalancing shall apply on universe and nature; then the summation of Godus will be supreme jurisdiction to maintain the doctrine of balancing.

  10. According to Godus, poverty, imbalance of society, imbalance in science, research, invention, innovation is the symbol & characteristics of uncodified society in the universe & nature. Unity, integration, and intelligence of progressive human beings are the weapons to win, the devil, and anti-universe elements.

  11. According to Godus, every moment you should do the progressive deed to achieve salvation in every iteration nearest to achieving salvation.

  12. According to Godus, if human beings do any anti-progression deed for short or long term benefits then their results also contribute to the iteration cycle of salvation.

  13. According to Godus, everyone is a commentator of God. The leadership of a commentator will be awarded to the nearest iteration cycle of salvation among the human being, good society, nation, universe, and nature. It shall be understood very well by the doctrine of progressive intelligence by “ Sound of the creator”.

  15. According to Godus, the creator gives chance to a human being to become his     (God) team member in the creator's salvation state. It shall be very beneficial for humans if he will understand as soon as possible in the early birth time of this truth, so then human beings will deed according to them.

Anti-universe objects and subjects are created by God just for testing the “Stability doctrine of intelligence of human beings". 

The final decision taker is God, no one else has the power in the universe, nature, and human being.

2. Doctrine of Humanity

 According to Godus, every religion, sect, cults, society, law, act, commentator shall be challengeable and shall be amended for the excellency of the universe, nature, and human being in all eras including past, present, and future.

Principle 2.1:- There must be a common holistic place where every religion, sect, cults, society, commentator etc.gather and pray for the creator for humanity, fraternity, and development in-universe. There is no other class present of humanity in the universe. We should classify anti-humanity people in the universe base on their humanity behavior and strictly punished them

Note:- I apologize to GOD (creator) and really punishable for any type of sin, if I am not able to listen to the actual interpretation sound(voice) of the god by yourself(myself) as a mediator God.

The new cite shall be added or remove in the Godus doctrine according to our (my) connection of the soul with God sound

 Regards:- Commentator of God- Prakash Chand Sharma (30.03.2020)

3.   The doctrine of Love, Affection, Affinity….”The doctrine of Respect”

According to Godus; Five types of respect

1.Soul to Soul- A. Divine affinity /Love/Respect

  B. Energy for salvation

2. A conscience to Conscience - A. Commentator of love/affinity/respect

      B. Energy develop in-universe for immorality

3. Physical to Physically- A. Human love just for the need of physical body

(mentally to mentally)   B. Energy converts in by-product  in form of a human being

4. Soul +Conscience + Physically to Soul +Conscience + Physically:-

 A. Rebirth love, True love, honest & selfless love, meet in next birth

 B. Energy for rebirth

5. Soul +Conscience + Physical (3) factorial 3! :- 6 combination

5.1 Soul to Conscience- Temporary love

5.2 Soul  to Physically-      Unmatured love

5.3 Conscience to  Physically- Trap love, lust, energy destroy, stupidness

5.4 Conscience to Soul-  Doubtful love

5.5 Physically to the soul-   Break-Up love, Timepass

5.6 Physical to conscience- Retaliation love, devil love

4.“The Doctrine of visualization of love in life”

18.1if you look only excellent physically or economically, then you would be very useful and lovable for stupid people.

18.2 if you look only excellent by mind & economically, then you would be very useful and lovable for business people.

18.3 If you look overall excellent physically, economically and mind, then you would be very useful and lovable for humanity and you are a holistic person.

18.4 and if you are looking nothing excellent, then you would be a dead body or a devil in terms of the human body.

5.“Doctrine of Blood”

According to Godus, only humanity is the same but humans are different according to their geographical, heredity, nature, environment, values, ethics and characteristics, etc.

That’s why according to Godus and modern science biological and physical property can be the same as human blood but the intellectual property is different from humans, and it depends on different properties. 

I postulate the doctrine on blood that color and biological ingredients are the same on every humanity but it means not that every human blood is the same. I think there is a requirement for deep research, analysis to find out the key characteristics. By this doctrine, we can aware, and educate our humans and society for making an excellent human.

Biological blood is primarily crucial to survive a human, but their other characters create the difference for salvation, intelligent, stupid, silly, devil, etc….

Keynote:- Blood plays a key role in becoming an excellent human being.

Blood can be classified in a second way except to biological (A, B, O, and AB combination) classification:-

  1. Salvation blood

  2. Intelligent blood

  3. Human blood

  4. stupid/silly blood

  5. Devil blood

6.The Doctrine of Birth of Universe & Nature
Result Note:-Universe is continuously expanding and developing without any disturbance.

The Universe & Nature is integrated by 5 phenomena SPACE, TIME, SOUND, ENERGY, LIGHT

It is going to calculation on chronological analytics between the relation of the above 5 parameter

  1. SPACE 2. TIME 3. SOUND 4. ENERGY 5.LIGHT 6. All derivatives of these five parameters (Force, Movement, twist, torque..etc.)


  1. SPACE/VACUUM (S)- According to Godus, the phenomena of a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied. These phenomena have specific characteristics of inflated and spread over time. It is reversible and as well as nonreversible. It includes Length, Hight, width, and its derivatives (Area, Volume erc..)

S derivatives directly  proportional 

S ∝ ( L, W, H, A, V, Weight, Mass,etc.)

∝ is constant

S =f(L,W,H, A,V, infrastructure,etc.)  equation 1.1

Birth of the Universe starts.

According to Big-bag theory, it is calculated first 13.8 Billion years and after 13.72 billion years. But the actual problem is to find out the real derivates of space and their inflated and spread time calculation.

Whenever science is able to find out the real derivatives of space and their inflated and spread time calculation then we are absolutely able to understand the cosmos and birth of the

Note:-  It is assumed that space starts from a null & void vacuum.

  1. TIME:- According to Godus, Time is phenomena for indefinite continuous development of space.It is also defined in modern science as the progress of existence and events that occur in an apparently irreversible regard space that is called tense/era-Past , Present, Future.

   S ∼ T ⇒S=kT

                K=S/T⇒ძs/ძt                                                                      equation 2.1

                 Where K is constant

So According to equation 1.1, put value S

 K= f(L,W,H, A,V, etc.) /T                                                             equation 2.2

T=  f(L,W,H, A,V, etc.) /K

  1.  Sound/Velocity (V)- According to Godus, Sound is the phenomena, which is generated by space and time proportional direct relation. It is also subjected to space and time derivatives. Which is responsible for the control of space infrastructure movement.

According to equation 2.1


This is notable that according to  equation 2.2 and the definition

K is a Constant that derives from space and time directly proportional equation, This is called Sound or velocity

K=V ⇒ძs/ძt⇒     f{ძ(L,W,H, A,V, etc.)} /ძT                                              equation 3.1

  1. Energy (E):- According to Godus, When space, time and sound take place, a directly proportional phenomenon was developed by this function that is called energy. 

4.1 From this point of time energy, microbiological and non-biological substances start to develop in this universe.

4.2 From this point of time, Supreme Power (Almighty or God or E) is developed and then their derivatives(K), galaxies, nature, biological and non-biological substances, humans, soul, etc.


E∝ S, T, V⇒ k;            E=K(S, T, V)                                                      Equation 4.1

 Where K is derivatives, that is


K = derivatives, galaxies, nature, biological and non-biological substances, humans, soul, etc.

4.4 Thus According to Godus; K is Energy, K =Supreme power, K Almighty, K=THE GOD

Mathematically; Supreme Power (Almighty or God or E)  ={(K= Supreme Power derivatives, galaxies, nature, biological and non-biological substance, human, soul, etc)*(S, T, V)}

Or put the value of S, T, V

Mathematically; Supreme Power (Almighty or God or E)={ (Supreme Power derivatives, galaxies, nature, biological and non-biological substances, humans, soul, etc)*(L, W, H, A, V, infrastructure,etc.)*(L, W, H, A, V, etc.) /K}

Here K =V velocity, according to equation 3.1

Principle 1:- The universal law that energy can’t be derived or destroyed, it can be converted from one form to another form. This is derived absolutely from the concept of the relation of the (S, T, V). Hence people say God is everywhere and every substance.

Principle 2:-Salvation concept is also developed from here, whence is a substance involved in the space, it will free from the born and death reversible cycle

Principle 3:- Soul is immortal and it takes place from one space to another space according to sound and command of God

In modern science, various forms of energy are derived to develop the humanity and quality life of the universe.

  1. Light:- According to Godus, Light is the final phenomena of integrated relation of Space, Time, Sound, and Energy. Light is the phenomena to intelligence visualization, and to see & watch the space, time, sound, and energy. It is the highest degree of concentration of all the above four of the universe.

5.1 Light has the power to define the power of all types of energy levels.


Note:- I notice that there is no universal symbol of light is available so I take it to own my nomenclature ⋲, the velocity of the light symbol is c

          ⋲ ∝ (S, T, V, E)

            ⋲ = K(S,T,V,E)       ;     ⋲/K =S,T,V,E)                                     equation 5.1


  Where ⋲=The capacity of   intelligence, visualization, and to see & watch the space, time, sound, and energy that is the velocity of light (C)

                K is constant = wavelength of           light (λ)


            (S, T, V, E) have the same meaning as described above that is the frequency  of  light (     √) that means the cycle of light to maximum and minimum point to reach the above four phenomena (S, T, V, E) 


             Here if we compare with the modern science of light equation


              √=c/λ                                                              equation 5.2 

We can conclude to compare these two equation 5.1 and 5.2 then it is clear the concept

( ⋲=√= Frequency )= (⋲=c)/(K=λ)

Principle 1: Supreme power has the maximum frequency and capacity of intelligence, visualization, and to see & watch the space, time, sound, and energy. He is the creator and destroyer. 

Principle 2:- Every galaxy and universe is expanding and continuing in the process to build new galaxies. This is also absolutely true some galaxies are going to vanish.         

  1. The first time energy had developed

       First-time energy was developed through the collision between two points of (Sound and Time ) in Space/Vacuum


Note:- These are some points from doctrine principles to make a quantum relation between our every stakeholder. I personally found that it should be clear between every stakeholder for the long term relationship.


Prakash Chand Sharma


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