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The growth of trade and business led to many problems that traditional forms of business did not solve. For example, the unlimited liability feature of a sole proprietorship form of business resulted in people forming partnerships, but even that proved to be too inadequate and risky. This is when the concept of companies emerged, and private companies form of business is the oldest example of it.
Section 2(68) of Companies Act, 2013 defines private companies. According to that, private companies are those companies whose articles of association restrict the transferability of shares and prevent the public at large from subscribing to them. This is the basic criterion that differentiates private companies from public companies.
The Section further says private companies can have a maximum of 200 members (except for One Person Companies). This number does not include present and former employees who are also members. Moreover, more than two persons who own shares jointly are treated as a single member.
This definition had previously prescribed a minimum paid-up share capital of Rs. 1 lakh for private companies, but an amendment in 2005 removed this requirement. Private companies can now have a minimum paid-up capital of any amount.

Features of Private Limited Company Registration in Jaipur

These are some features that distinguish private companies from other types of companies:

  1. No minimum capital required:

    There was a minimum paid-up share capital requirement of Rs. 1 lakh previously, but that is omitted now.
  2. Minimum 2 and maximum 200 members:

    A private company can have a minimum of just two members (but just one is enough if it a One Person Company), and maximum of up to 200 members.

  3. Transferability of shares restricted:

    Private companies cannot freely transfer their shares to the public like public companies. This is why stock exchanges never list private companies.

  4. "Private Limited":

    All private companies must include the words “Private Limited” or “Pvt. Ltd.” in their names.

  5. Privileges and exemptions:

    Since private companies do not freely transfer their shares and involve limited interest by members, the law has granted them several exemptions that public companies do not enjoy.


Documents Required for Private Limited Company Registration in Jaipur

The documents required from the director and shareholders are:

  1. Pan Card/Aadhar Card
  2. Voter ID/Passport / License
  3. Two passport photo
  4. Bank Statement- latest 3 month(Bank Pdf)
  5. Email, Mobile No, Profession , Qualification and Duration of stay at present address

Documents required of the proposed registered address are as follows:

  1. Electricity bill/Other Utility Bill of the proposed registered address
  2. NOC or rent agreement from the owner of the premises
  3. Even if the director is owner of the property NOC is needed from him
  4. Bank Statement- latest 3 month(Bank Pdf)
  5. Email, Mobile No, Profession , Qualification and Duration of stay at present address
  6. Note:- All document must be scan from scanner with good quality


    Registration Procedure for Private Limited Company Registration in Jaipur

    1. Step 1 : Procure Digital Signature Certification

      The first and foremost step is to procure the DSCs of the Personnel involved in Private Company Incorporation in India. The requirement of DSCs arises for filling of e-forms on online portal of MCA as the Ministry has prescribed provided for online registration procedure for company incorporation and other applications. Digital Signature Certificate, commonly known as DSC are issued by the Certifying Authority in token form and is valid for 1 or 2 years.The personnel involved in company formation in India are Subscribers and Directors for proposed company. The Subscriber is a person who is the promoter of the company and proposed shareholders. The said shareholders are required to file e-MOA and e-AOA by affixing DSCs whereas proposed directors shall obtain DIN by making an online application in next step.

    2. Step 2: Obtain Director Identification Number

      Director Identification Number (DIN) is a unique number assigned by Ministry of Corporate Affairs to the individual making an application for allotment of DIN. The number is allotted for lifetime by the Ministry unless it is surrendered or withdrawn.
      The directors of the company shall obtain and intimate the DIN while Private Ltd company incorporation. Hence, obtaining DIN is mandatory to be appointed as Director in any Company. The Director Identification Number obtained can also be used for appointment for any other company and appointment as Designated Partner in the LLP.
    3. Step 3: Reservation of Name

      Before making an application to incorporate and register Pvt Ltd Company in India, the name for the proposed company shall be reserved. An Application for Reservation of Name of Private Limited Company shall be made in e-Form INC – 1 by making payment of requisite fees. In one application you may provide maximum 6 names in preferential order along with the significance for application for proposed name(s). The appointed professional shall make a search for availability of name before filling the application so that the applicant can make application of the names accordingly. The Registrar enjoys 100% discretion for approval of name application. The person shall make an application for name approval considering the provisions laid down by the Act.

      • The name should be easy to spell and remember
      • The name shall be able to provide a distinct identity to the company;
      • It should be short & simple;
      • The name should not contain any word as opposed to public policy or prohibited;
      • It should not infringe any Trademark registered nor shall be similar or identical to any company/ LLP registered.

      As stated above, the application for name reservation can be made with maximum 6 names, out of which the registrar may approve any one name or may ask to provide additional names with remarks. Once the application made is approved, the registrar shall reserve the same name for a period of 60 days. The promoters in guidance with the Professional shall make the application for incorporation of company within prescribed period of 60 days, failing to which the name reserved shall lapse and therefore fresh application shall be made for reservation of name for further period of 60 days.
    4. Step 4: Certificate of Incorporation

      After reservation of the name for proposed company by submitting form INC – 1, the application for issuance of Certificate of Incorporation shall be made. The application for online registration for company is also required to be made by online submission of Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically i.e. SPIC-e forms.Drafting MoA & AoA Both, MoA and AoA are charter document for a Private Limited Company. MoA stands for Memorandum of Association of company and AoA is abbreviated form of Articles of Association.
      Memorandum of Association of Company  prescribes the scope of operations of company by enumerating the main object and activities of the company. Whereas the Articles of Association provides in what manner the operations and administration shall be carried on. Both documents having vital importance shall be drafted very carefully after consultation of Professional.The memorandum and Articles of the company shall also be filed in SPIC-e forms along with application for company formation and registration in India. The subscription to MoA and AoA shall be made by affixing DSCs of subscribers in electronic form.
      • Utility Bill and NOC from the owner for the Registered Office address of the Company;
      • Rental Agreement with the owner of registered office & Rent receipts, if premises is rented;
      • Consent to act as a Director of the company in form DIR – 2;
      • Affidavit and declaration by first subscriber(s) and director(s) in form INC – 9 (duly franked and notarized);
      • Certified True copy of the self-attested Identity proof of the first subscriber(s) and director(s).


        The application is submitted by paying the requisite Government Fess and Stamp Duty as applicable in case of concerned state on the portal. The application and allotment of PAN and TAN are also processed with the same application.
        On review and verification of the application made for certificate of incorporation in SPIC-e forms, the Registrar on his satisfaction may issue the Certificate of Incorporation under his seal and signature in electronic form. The Certificate of Incorporation (CoI) issued will include the date of incorporation as well as the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the company.



    Private limited Company registration process can be completed in around 10-14 working days after all document received completely from customer side; as follows:-


    1. Preparation of documents – 2 days
    2. DSC Application – 1 day
    3. Name Approval through RUN – 1-2 days
    4. Filing of form – 2 days
    5. Approval – 8-10 days

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