Grow Your Business at least 10X Fold With Zumosun Group

Grow Your Business at least 10X Fold With Zumosun Group

Zumosun Group is an integrated professionals team of researchers, engineers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates, Bankers, Economist, Doctors, Scientists, and many more professionals to solve every problem of your business at a single platform with single-channel communication. We are practicing to provide excellent digital infrastructure, excellent compliance management, excellent legal management, excellent finance management for your business fasted growth.

Why select Zumosun Group for your business partner

We have some special characteristics and USP which are definitely managed and grow your business. You can see in the following important points:-

  1. Highest degree-professional practice 
  2. Highest degree information accurate practice
  3. Highest degree management to address the problems
  4. All professional services and products at single platforms
  5. The highest degree of digital infrastructure for startups, MSME, and enterprises
  6. Single Communication channel
  7. Price optimise professional fees
  8. 24*7 support and advisory
  9. Highest degree research and innovation-oriented platform
  10. Highest degree integration of engineering, technology, and science to solve the problems
  11. Highest degree quality business products and services
  12.  Highest degree believe in efficiency, accuracy, reliability and time
  13. Highest degree practice of professional ethics, values and attitudes

We believe in professionalism for solving every business problem through our innovative business method models.

 We are consistently doing deep research on event base models to analysis the problem and find out the solution. You can select our organisation as an excellent partner to grow your business on every step of the business cycle.

The important services which we provide through our supper platform for supper app are the following

  1. Business idea validation
  2. Business plan
  3. Business DPR
  4. Business Registration( Company Registration, NGO Registration etc.)
  5. Business Compliance Management (Taxation, GST, Accountancy, Audits, EPFO, ESI, etc.) 
  6. Intellectual Rights Protection (Patent, Trademark, Copyrights, Design, GI)
  7. Standards and Certification ( ISO, BIS, Accreditation, IAF, etc.)
  8. Digital Infrastructure ( Automation, Software, Android App, iOS App, Website, Digital marketing, Server & Hosting, etc.)
  9. Engineering Services ( Mechanical Engineering, Civil, Architecture, Software, Design & Printing Electrical, Electronics engineering, etc.)
  10. Professional Services (Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary etc .)
  11. Legal Professional ( Session Court, High Court, Supreme Court, Advocates, etc.)
  12. Finance Services ( Loans, Investment, Funding etc.)
  13. Economics Services ( Forecasting, Predictions  etc.)
  14. E-commerce ( Stores, Online Shopping etc.)
  15. M-Commerce ( Manufacturing Infrastructure etc.)
  16. T-Commerce ( Technology Commerce etc.)
  17. BooKing and Networking Infrastructure ( For Everyone, Everywhere, and Everything etc.)

There are so many services which are directly related to industry 4.0, industry 5.0 and industry 6.0, which are definitely organised for your business and grow fastest.

Bottom Line:-

We invite all the sellers who want to boost their business and growth rate.MSME, Startups, Enterprises, Unprofessional, and professionals are welcome on our business university as a supper app and quantum platform. We are ready to support our every business partner according to industry 4.0, and 5.0. You can contact us on 9116098980/9119112929. You can visit on or mail us on

Researcher and Writers: -

Sc. Prakash Chand Sharma****, Eng. Devendra Chaudhary*, ACA Jayesh Sharma*

Founders, Designated Partners & Associate Of Zumosun Group

 Mobile: +91 9116098980/9119112929 email: